Strategic HR system is a strategic partner for enterprise development. It serves and supports the corporate strategic objectives, to meet the business development needs of the human resources strategy. Decision-making of Strategic human resource management together with the business development strategies, can help companies increase their organizational advantages, to facilitate enterprise to achieve strategic objectives. The strategic decisions from business competition not only affect strategy of human resources management, but also being affected, with mutual influence between the two, causing interdependent relationship.

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With the increasingly importance in strategic value of human resources in enterprises, human resource management are facing both opportunities and challenges of transition at the strategic level, which requires HR to expand in wider areas. HR is facing the following obstacles under the conversion process in its role:

• As a strategic partner of corporate management, there is no detailed strategy data to support, lack of strategic dialogue initiative;
• As the business partner of production sector, it will receive complain from production department when there is no scientific evidence of human resources planning model;
• As a professional human resource managers, it is difficult to reflect their own values if there is no quantifiable management system;
• As a service center of the employees, there is no unified information service platform, such as making routine inquiries or applications. Therefore, HR fails to raise those human resource management issues to a height position for conducting a comprehensive thinking.

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Strategic HR Systems / Solutions

The human resources management strategy solution proposed byCityray HR Systemis to have an expansion on basis of the core human resource management solution, it is the integration of the time and attendance management, recruitment management, training management, performance management, cost management and integrated applications of other functional modules, and with employee self-service platform extension and collaborative management strategies. To establish a human resources management strategy that is a sustainable development.

Strategic human resource management combines corporate human resources and business development strategies effectively. From the altitude strategic business development, can fully affirmed the value of human resource management. On this basis, sum up the considerations on internal and external factors, formulating the development of systematic human resources management system so as to promote corporate strategic goals and individual employee goals.

Attendance Management
Attendance management is a business-oriented tool which designed for managers, to provide a flexible attendance shift setting function, to help meeting the production needs of enterprises. To establish a performance appraisal system platform, to help managers control, and improve overall system efficiency on working time of employees by using efficient time and attendance data processing mechanism which built in enterprise’s attendance management.

Recruitment Management
It is a business-oriented module designed for all business process controls from human resource planning to talent recruitment selection. The system provides vacancy management, recruitment management, candidate process control and hiring operations and other business processes. To fulfill the talent needs of enterprise and to establish effective recruitment strategies so as to standardize recruitment and selection management.

Training Management
Establishment of the strategic corporate management-oriented training system to meet the needs of continued development and employee career development, providing high staff knowledge and skills to improve the attitude of staff. System provides training development plan, organization and implementation of training as well as the effectiveness evaluation and other business processes to help business strategy to be implemented.

Performance Management
It is an enterprise staff oriented and key performance indicators based on strategic performance management system. Specification process of the system include formulating assessment and the usage of exanimating results, performance appraisal process control, performance feedback and the results of the usage in performance appraisal, etc., to achieve the consistency on strategic objectives of enterprise.

Employee Self Service
Through employee self-service platform, enterprises can be achieved from decision-making to the operating level of HR business processes. Communication and monitoring can be full participation in the implementation of comprehensive human capital management.

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