As enterprises gradually face growing competition, they realized employee is an essential resource to the company. Enterprises must constantly seek for innovation and changes in operations in order to enhance their competitiveness. Nowadays, human resources has evolved from basic employee management to encouraging talent uncovered, so that it is necessary for enterprise to obtain the skills and accumulated valuable experience of employee. With that, we believe the business will be overall enhanced as well as industrial competitiveness.

Enterprise should obtain human resources solutions in a professional way and internationally because the traditional single personnel management has been unable to solve business strategy and needs of talent pool. In order to react to changing environment, a comprehensive solution must be used, such that it can provide necessary information processing, data analysis, decision support and other services to deal with the full range of human resources depth applications for enterprises.

Your Challenges

• How to grasp the real-time status of human resources?
• How to quickly and systematically deal with human resources information?
• How to promptly and accurately accounting salary and payroll?
• How to differentiate personalized staff from different pay and benefits?
• How to scientifically analysis and control labor costs?
• How to do job requirement planning efficiently and accurately?
• How to provide employee with a more comprehensive and quality service?

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Core HR Software / Solution

Cityray HR System technology is an enterprise specialized in development of human resources management system (HRMS). In the past two decades, Cityray HRMS studied and researched on human resource management in different fields and industries. With the results of research and extensive experience in human resources management, which help us to provide high quality and robust human resource management information technology solutions.

Cityray HR Software provides core solution of human resource management information, combining personnel management, payroll, reports, statistics, and a host of other personnel-related modules. Our HRMS is suitable for micro-enterprises and SMEs who just started planning for the implementation of human resource management information. Cityray software helps corporate to save time and cost by enabling HR completely freed from the complex daily repetitive chores and to put more focus on human resource management strategies and corporate strategic planning, etc. At the same time, applications of human resources management system will greatly reduce input costs in the personnel department of enterprises.

The HR system is the core solution of Cityray human resource management, it is an important component for building a complete enterprise human resource management system. iHRPLUS V6 helps better management of organizational structure, personnel information, all types of leave, social insurance, reports, compensation and benefit, which further enhances standardized management and to unify HR business information platform. Also, it provides timely and accurately calculation of payroll data, real-time statistics of payroll and human resources data. Furthermore, the internal risk control function can improve the overall efficiency of a company’s human resources and quality.

Organizational structure management
A strategic HRMS planning tool which is business-oriented for implementation of human resources management. Through a simple tree relationship maintenance method, to help enterprises intuitive, quickly build organizational structure and system. With the business changes in external and internal environment, it supports a flexible organizational structure adjustment and amendment to meet the business development needs of organizational change.

Personnel Information Management
It is the basic information and news update for employees, covering all personnel business data of employees in the enterprise entire life cycle, and provides a flexible, rich reporting queries. Integrated tightly with other human resource management system modules for accurate personnel management and staff development strategy.

Leave Management
A control tool for employee entitled leave benefits, designed with business-oriented management of leave policies, complied with national laws, regulations, policies and national holiday management system. It is a holiday transaction management for human resource managers, together with the compensation and Benefit management, to provide detailed data for the payroll. Combined the application of attendance management system, providing time and attendance data to support data analysis so as to help enterprises effectively standardize employment and control labor costs.

Social Insurance Administration
It is a tool which under business-oriented management to control and design with employee’s welfare and benefit and is a welfare accounting tool applied with operation layer. The establishment of corporate pay and benefits system helps company to manage welfare programs more structured and in turn raised employee incentive.

Compensation and Benefit Management
It is designed for corporate management of pay and salary analysis, including salary calculation and delivery. It takes market competition, employee performance and fairness into account. Through personnel management, leave management, social insurance management, attendance management, recruitment management, performance management and training management, to help enterprises to establish the system of salary structure.

Report Management
Covering organizational structure, personnel, payroll and all other activities within the company. Based on multi-dimensional analysis and statistics, results come in a variety form of presentation, providing clear guidelines to manager. With its own reporting function, managers can focus more on management issues instead of handling complicated, tedious data.

The system is the core solution of Cityray human resource management, it is an important component for building a complete enterprise human resource management system. Through the organizational structure of management, personnel information management, leave management, social insurance management, compensation and Benefit management and report management and other core modules of the application in human capital management system iHRPLUS V6, to help enterprises in standardized management and unified HR business information platform. Have an internal risk control to improve the overall efficiency of human resources and quality. Provide various indicators of timely and accurately calculation of payroll data, real-time statistics of payroll and human resources data.

Cityray iHRPLUS V6 system is based on a modular product platform design concept that combines high operational flexibility to match with the market demand on the software system. With the expansion of company’s business scale and the relative higher demand of human resource management, the system can quickly solve the various problems caused by changing environment accordingly. It helps enterprises in the fierce market competition, to establish an scientific way of human resources management. Applying a modern management method can help creating an efficient, high-quality human resources management, to improve enterprise's core competitiveness, and to guarantee sustainable development of enterprise with strong human resources.

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Core HR software / solution effectiveness reflection

Unified software platform for HR management

To build a unified human resource information data platform can overcome time and geographical constraints. HR software analysis can be made from fast and accurate data. It can ensure accurate data support for strategic decisions and conduct monitoring effectively.

Strengthen the standard management of HR operations

When system handles human resources business, it fully achieves the standardized business process management. On the other hand, while relying on IT to carry out the specific control and reflection from real-time activities. From a technical level, there is reinforcement in employee activities supervision, to ensure a standardized human resources operations.

Enhance the work efficiency of HR department

A comprehensive and suitable human resource management system can greatly enhance the efficiency of human resource management work. Flexible report generation and analysis functions allow administrators work out from the tedious routine work, and to concentrate on more challenging and creative planning, employee motivation and other strategy work.

Improve the quality of management of the HR department

The manpower allocation provides by the system and decision support in assessment aspects can greatly reduce the pressure on corporate management. The full range of statistical reports and related data analysis of the system, provides the most detailed data reference for current situation of corporate human resources. With that, human resources business processes can be monitored and evaluated effectively and also personnel input costs can be reduced.

Change of the strategic role of HR department

• As a service center, HR department can provide employees with excellent advice and services that encourage them to create more added value;
• As an operation support center, HR department provides sufficient support and transparent personnel information, and together with other enterprise system integrations as well as the formation of an unified source of information;
• As a decision support center, HR department improve strategic decision-making of the company by facilitating important and accurate human resources data for managers to make scientific decisions so as to provide a valuable reference.

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