90% of workers would stay in job if offered more training

90.5% of employees would opt to stay at a company if offered training and development, according to a recent survey by CV-Library.

The news comes at the start of Adult Learning Week, as businesses are put under even more pressure to ensure that employees are learning on the job. The report, which included over 2300 workers, highlighted an overwhelming sense of employee dissatisfaction, citing the happiest workers as those who are offered Continual Professional Development (CPD) by their management.

Speaking exclusively to HR Grapevine, Lee Biggins, Managing Director of CV Library, explained the importance of promoting Learning and Development opportunities, saying: “Our survey results suggest that companies could do more to encourage learning and development in the workplace.”

“Businesses need to recognise the benefits that come with training and asses the long term advantages. There are a variety of training providers that can assist with both in-house and external training, so it’s easy to implement a plan that aligns with your business model.”

And Biggins is quick to point out the necessity of employees chasing their aspirations outside of work as well, claiming: “UK workers are keen to extend their skills and qualifications both inside and outside of work.”

”Starbucks is a fantastic example of a business that recognises the importance to nurturing staff development and aiding training wherever possible. Whilst not all businesses can afford to financially support initiatives such as these, supporting staff aspirations outside of work will help to upskill employees and nurture positive morale and staff loyalty.”

A recent survey taken by Busy Bees Benefits has revealed that 31% of UK employers fail to offer formal learning programmes.

John Woodward, CEO of Busy Bees Benefits, knows all too well the problems faced by businesses refusal, be it informed or ignorant, of allowing CPD. He states: “It’s now more important than ever for employers to look at schemes like these and really think about the all-round benefits for both the organisation and the staff.”

“Continuing Professional Development often falls to the bottom of a long list of priorities, leaving staff looking for alternative employment and their employers facing a HR disaster.”

With 87.8% of professionals believe training is essential in regards to advancing technologies and sector changes, and 93.6% feel the Government should be doing more to promote CPD, these shortcomings stand to affect the employer just as negatively as it does the work force.

“There are a number of businesses that already understand the value of staff training which is appealing to employees that want to learn,” says Biggins.“By not offering staff the opportunity to learn and develop, they might start to look elsewhere.”

(Source from: http://www.hrgrapevine.com/, 17.6.2015)

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