Strategic Management

System Features:
Shift Management

• Can support a variety of attendance cycle is defined for different cycles Attendance Results calculations.
• Flexibility to define different attendance code: As the smallest unit of overtime, late / early leave buffering time and some other attendance basic data;
• Can set up multiple class values : Such as cross-day shifts, even classes, transfer classes, overtime, etc., as well as arrangements for lactating women enjoy one hour nursing leave and other special circumstances;
• Can support for different Attendance shift grouping, conduct flexible definition on different attendance shift rules, such as a weekly cycle, the number of days according to the custom cycle regularity scheduling and so on.
• The system provides a variety of shift approaches, can conduct regular and fixed shift management by month or year; for those shifts are constantly changing, can be lined up with external excel and then, imported into the systems.

Attendance Management:

• Support multi-regional attendance punch card, and multi-site attendance punch card data import.
• Time and attendance system provides a flexible, powerful data import and export functions to meet the needs of a variety of attendance data processing.
• The system provides a flexible overtime application functionality, overtime you applied can be judge with the actual punch and then conduct calculation.
• Attendance data analysis process management automatically combine with the leave records inside the leave management module;
• Different class value policies can be defined as different attendance analysis and calculation rules by system, it is quite flexible. For example, it can have different methods of calculation on a company with the different branches of the overtime and tardiness rules.
• Attendance system supports "automatic shift" function, the system based on their actual clock time, the time is automatically assigned a value that matches the class, eliminating the need for pre-shift work.
• The system provides a powerful high-speed analysis of attendance calculation engine, greatly improving the efficiency of analysis and calculation of the attendance.
• The system provides flexible attendance calculation results to modify, adjust the way.
• Attendance results associated directly with the Payroll module, participate in salary calculation.
• Attendance Overtime can be converted to a flexible tune leave, holidays, compensatory and other types.
• The system provides a variety styles of attendance analysis reports to meet different reporting requirements.

System Features:
Construction of Performance Management System

The system uses the unified exam of performance management, can establish the type of subject, and other groups with an effective period, and the default value data subject. Supports a variety of performance templates, it can be quickly configured for different performance, flexible to choose different performance topics can be combined into different forms of performance assessment requirements, to meet enterprise performance evaluation program at different stages of development of enterprise management requirements. Based on the workflow engine support of the powerful platform, can meet a variety forms of process requirements, to achieve different performance evaluation processes of performance assessment program, with the flexibility to quickly adjust and to match the performance requirements of the business process management and performance evaluation management.

Performance evaluation of Program management

The system can support the performance evaluation program management, performance managers can advance the development of specific examples of assessment and evaluation cases, and the establishment of an effective period of assessment, can issue expiration reminders before examples of maturity assessment examples. Evaluation case:The name can be understood as assessment or classification, such as: the ability to assess, target management assessment, the amount of sales completed assessment; Evaluation case:Names can be understood as the beginning of an assessment of the specific case, such as: the ability to assess _2013 year; Specific examples of the evaluation, the user can choose the performance of the system default template and choose the person being evaluated or batch select range of performance evaluation process began to be evaluated; After the performance evaluation process starts, people being evaluated and related to performance evaluation in the system, can conduct performance assessment inside the pre-assessment process step.

Performance Evaluation Results Application
Rich reports
• The system provides different dimensions of comparison and analysis reports from the individual employee performance to organizational performance, horizontal and vertical analysis and comparison to help business managers for efficient performance results analysis and presentation of data in complex information to better grasp the overall situation.
Historical performance evaluation
• Users can view the details of the performance evaluation forms and details of the evaluation forms form their own as well as their subordinates and team members;
• Managers can view performance assessment forms and details of the data within the purview of the staff;
Application of the assessment results
• Recorded automatically associated with personnel performance evaluation module, managers can always view the performance evaluation of the staff;

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