Human Capital Management System

In today's market, enterprises are facing fierce global competition. Companies realize that employee is the most precious resources that controls the survival of enterprise, talent strategy has been unprecedented attention. How to better develop and manage this vital resource has increasingly become the focus of corporate management. The focus of Human Resources work is changing from the personnel transaction management to human resource development. Human capital development becomes the main feature of the strategic level management, thus human resources department has become the company's core sector.

iHRPLUS V6 is a new company human capital management solution launched by Cityray that combines the high flexibility of the system to match the needs of the market. With the experiences Cityray has in human resources management field, it won the praise and recommendation from clients.

The starting point of the program is based on strategic human capital management of enterprises. The idea of product design is a platform-based modular that integrates various functions of human resource management platform. Excellent scalability can accommodate business types in different industries, different period of development, different management philosophy and different needs of business process management applications. It helps organize strategies implementation so as to achieve optimization of human capital, continuing to enhance core competencies of corporate human resource management.

Based on browser / server architecture (B / S architecture), it is able to meet the multi-regional enterprise group, decentralized management needs of multi-branch, to achieve the purposes of Group's centralized enterprise management and control. Users can grasp real-time status of human resources for enterprises operating strategy by having browser and access anywhere. It provides you with timely and accurate data analysis and decision support.

Through organizational management, personnel management, leave management, social insurance management, payroll management, report management, attendance management, performance management, recruitment management, training management and cost management modules, as well as the workflow supports under the platform, warning alert, email notification and other mechanisms, to fully meet the basic human resources information requirement. Also, it helps companies to build excellent staff teams, improve the management of the organization. It also helps in Human Capital Planning, Compensation and Benefits Management; optimizing the allocation of personnel and other key aspects of providing information management tools. With professional human resource management techniques, relying on dynamic detailed data, to provide timely analysis of human resource statistics report for management in multi-angle and multi-criteria. It truly reflects the value of human resource management, providing strong support to enterprise strategic decisions.

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Management of Organizational Structure

Management of organizational structure it is the basis for human resources management, is one of the most concerned task for corporate management. Therefore, it will be the core functions inside the HCM system to support as a complete system framework. Through the establishment of the organizational system and job system, it can help HR in information analysis, performance evaluation assessment, recruitment selection and other work to establish a data base applications. iHRPLUS

Organizational structure management of V6 is the management of the implementation of the human resources strategic planning tool. Through a simple tree relationship diagram as a maintenance method to help enterprises intuitively and quickly build organizational structure and system. As the external and internal business environment keep changing, companies need support in organization structural adjustment and flexibility modification so as to adapt in organizational changing needs of enterprise development.

  • Detailed Application

    1. Quickly establish a clear organizational and position structure, to regulate company’s employment principle effectively, establishing work norms based on job tasks, making position management becomes more standardized and systematic.
    2. Customize organizational levels (Group headquarters, regional, subsidiaries, major departments, small department, etc.) and attributes of organizational structure. Human resource managers can add, edit, delete, move, copy or paste actions according to their needs. The flexibility helps fast maintain of corporate organizational structure to meet the company's development and changes.
    3. Systems provide business units (BU) concept, through association with the organization to achieve the business at all levels within the purview maintenance organization unit and organization personnel information to help businesses realize the scientific management of the organizational structure and strategic planning.
    4. Through the architecture establishment of a unified office position system, the system provides operations on add, edit, delete, copy and others. To maintenance job reporting relationships on the lower level, automatically generates chart diagram of jobs and personnel reporting structure.
    5. System provides posts and allocation management, to support jobs attribute scalable. Besides, it can be manageable job attribute information (basic information, qualifications, job tasks, performance indicators, budget size, and view of personnel information of staff), automatic generate as the job descriptions.
    6. Architecture of jobs position creates human resource management application module as to provide basic position system for driving business, helping companies to achieve strategic decision-making and target decomposition.
    7. In the aspects of organization chart, output of chart positions and personnel reporting relationship diagram, the system allows users to select an arbitrary node as the root node as well as to support the level of output options as to provide a more intimate user experience.

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Personnel Information Management (HRIS)

The personnel information management of iHRPLUS V6 system is a basic information management which is employee-oriented, covering entire career cycle of the whole process of recording and transaction processing of employees in the company, including personnel management, entry / departure management, probation / contract management, personnel reporting of change management and statistical analysis functions can be dynamically intuitively reflect the detailed status of corporate human resources, so as to provide efficient human resource management decision support. In order to achieve accurate personnel management and employee development strategy, it must tightly integrate with other functional modules of the system.

Detailed Application

  • "one-stop" staff file management function is adopted in the System. Via the operator interface tabs on personnel data standardization and multi-dimensional classification, to achieve a comprehensive and accurate management on employee information, providing flexible and definable customize expansion fields and their related applications, to fit with the needs of enterprise personalized management.
  • Support in attached archives, to achieve electronic management of personnel information. Through a multi-dimensional query and statistical analysis reports, human resource managers can provide the basis for the optimal allocation of human resources.
  • Human Resources Information System (HRIS) provides a complete business operations personnel for daily transactional (entry, change, termination, reinstatement, etc.), combined with the legitimacy definition of personnel information data validation rules and staff capabilities in high-volume data processing to help companies achieve the institutionalization of personnel affairs as well as to ensure personnel business data accuracy. It can enhance work efficiency.
    1. •Use of the system alerts, to have a date remind field for any personnel system operations. It support alerts, rules, remind object templates and the definition on ways of remind;
    2. •The mechanism of personnel transaction "effective date" can to support personnel affairs pretreatment, notify the relevant people by reminding function, can be traced back the history of personnel changes in business data;
    3. •Through a simple search, advanced search and fuzzy search function, it can quickly and easily help you to find details of a particular employee;
    4. •Also, it can help to define online business information to help users understand and familiar with the important business logic of an operating system.

Value Reflection

  • HRIS helps Human resources management departments to achieve the overall management of human resources, improve daily work efficiency and quality of human resources management
    1. •The management becomes electronic so as to reduce the workload, improve management efficiency;
    2. •HRIS makes human resources management becomes automation, contract expiration reminder, automated accounting of vacation balances, etc.;
    3. •Besides, human resource management becomes more comprehensive, covering all aspects of human resource management. In order to optimize and upgrade the management of human resources, an unified and comprehensive information are important;
  • HRIS helps Sector leaders enhance the effectiveness of human resources department
    1. •Leaders take responsibilities in company's strategy and policy implementation, how to "meritocracy", how to play a team of human resources benefits? Systems will run the application with the e-Personnel module in ESS (Employee Self Service System). The head of production department has the right to view details of subordinates and the biographical information, etc. According to the comprehensive information of subordinates as well as employees, it helps to identify staff leadership ability and experience to optimize in staffing so as to improve the effectiveness of overall human resources team.
  • Help employees to manage their own information, and achieve in self-management system gradually
    1. •System take the application with the e-Personnel module inside ESS (Employee Self Service System), employees can check their basic information, and through the approval process of information change request to protect their information and view leave balances, payroll, etc., It is the management tool during the staff serving life cycle.

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eLeave Management

The eLeave management module of iHRPLUS V6 system is a tool for employees entitled in leave benefits management and control, is a design of leave policies for business-oriented management. Establish the compliance with national laws, regulations, policies and regulations holiday management system. A holiday transaction management for human resource managers, and collaborate with compensation management, to provide detailed data for the payroll. To combine with the application of attendance management system, providing support in attendance data analysis, to help enterprises in standardization of employment and labor costs control more effectively.

Detailed Application

Our eLeave system fits with the "Labor Law" requirements and business management needs, providing attribute setting function for holiday types, leave types, leave policies and holiday tables and other basic elements of personalization. It helps companies to build and maintain a variety of vacation policy. The eLeave system supports decentralized management policies for vacation, differentiation of enterprise holiday management system.

Each set of the system leave policy can be different types of free combination of vacation, and every type of leave policy can be in a different personalized settings, such as vacation flats, holiday table, year-end types (services) enjoy life settings and so on. Attributes of leave types for system can be controlled fine to age, sex, the calculation of the carry bit mode, whether available for advance and other accessories, and a second program code and combined code.

Combined personnel information management system as to provide flexible leave policies assigned automatically for employees leave welfare policy generation. Based on the needs of staff leave transaction management of system for human resource managers, according to business leave policy setting, system provides:

  1. Automatic generation of employees entitled to leave, and supports manual adjustment;
  2. Providing personal and collective Pseudomonas entry of operation, support bulk data processing;
  3. Can output any date within the current period of leave balances;
  4. The system can automatically split according to the normal day leave application form, to tackle with the cross month and cross year.
  5. Providing sabbatical year end operations in support of leave balances are cleared and the flexibility to set clear rules;
  6. Systems Support and Employee Self (e-Leave) to achieve and coordinate with the automatic leave applications.

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Social Insurance Management

Social insurance management system of iHRPLUS V6 is a staff welfare benefit tool design for enterprise management to control, welfare accounting which under the action-oriented layer. Coordinate with the salary management system, to establish the corporate pay and benefits system to help companies manage welfare programs more structured. Besides, standardized benefits administration to further help companies achieve in employee motivation effectively.

Detailed Application

Place the system by defining social insurance contributions, social insurance projects, payment policies and other basic elements, subject to the achievement of national statutory benefits of a policy setting or a particular set of social insurance coverage to help enterprises to establish welfare system. Combine with the organizational management of the access control for business units (BU), to adapt into the localization of regulations and policies where the enterprise locates. 

  1. Support for multi-region, multi-type welfare policy setting, arranging welfare projects according to the corporate welfare schemes, such as the heating costs adopt by northern region, high subsidies and other special allowances for the southern region.
  2. Support the personalized set of social insurance parameters: base pay, pay scale, caps, floors, adjust, carry rules (eg: rounding (RMB), rounded (angle), etc.)
  3. Support for ahead of entry in welfare policies and historical policy lookup.

System provides a flexible benefits calculation function, can automatically calculate the necessary paid amount for business and employees that can adapt to different employee benefits of different management operations for enterprises, as a way to pay provident fund and social insurance contributions for employees in different cities.

System provides social insurance repay functionality to meet the business special situations in in a variety of benefits management. Personal data and personal social insurance contributions in social insurance linked to the payroll project management system to reduce manual intervention, directly involved in the wage to help in business process management and improve work efficiency.

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Compensation and Benefit Management

iHRPLUS V6 salary management system is designed for the corporate management in pay and salary analysis, a payroll tool under action-oriented layer for salary calculation. To meet the needs of market competition, and based on fair, motivating principle, through personnel management, leave management, social security management, attendance management, recruitment management, performance management, closely with training management, to help enterprises establish and improve the remuneration structure so as to achieve staff motivation and common development of enterprises.

Detailed Application

Systems through a flexible and configurable payroll project, payroll equations and payroll conditions and other factors, help enterprises to establish and maintain diverse remuneration structure.

Combining the organizational structure of business units (BU) and policy support on system access control and policy differences on global localization to achieve "group control, decentralized processing" salary management model, reflecting the diversity of corporate compensation and benefit system and applicability to help in sustainable development of businesses.

Reward management is the most central and time-consuming areas inside the management of human resources. System under the protection of accurate data premise, offers a variety of convenient business operations and help reduce the operation level of payroll cycle to improve the overall efficiency of the HR department.

  1. Salary management system closely integrated with other modules to support other modules involved payroll data;
  2. Providing payroll project grouping and access control, multi-user collaborative project on payroll management;
  3. Provide large quantities of data management operations, combined with the system interface applications, support for the Excel export / import functions;
  4. System efficient computation engine for SQL-based database provides rapid wage calculation;
  5. Provide a simple tax calculation tool can be adapted to a variety of tax policy;
  6. Provide automatic banking format generation by the banks offer, and support for confidential payroll print or send pay slip via e-mail;

Common schedules, statistical reports, comparison tables, …are built in the payroll system, such as payroll detail reports, cost center detail and summary reports, wage differentials statements, wage gains forecast analysis reports,12 average monthly wage trend charts. Human resource managers can have a rapid completion of various payroll reporting statistical analyses depends on different query conditions.

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Report Management

Report management of iHRPLUS V6 system covers the organizational structure, personnel, payroll and all other business, there are a variety of presentation forms, from multiple dimensions and statistical data analysis to assist the personnel of human resource management at all levels of statistics, analysis, and reporting work. Besides, while providing its own reporting capabilities to extend and adapt to different business reporting applications to meet the reporting needs of enterprises, help managers freed from the tedious statistics to focus more on top management issues.

Detailed Application

Standard statistical analysis reports for system default can support multiple languages, employee name, and system data code according to the adaptive output of the system language. System reports through a flexible query statement to define the conditions and statistical data report columns, grouping conditions for business decisions layer and provides direct data show.

Statements support in Excel, Doc and PDF as well as other common document formats.

In order to meet the needs of corporate decision-making, system provides efficient "Report Builder" which can be simply drag and drop the different data fields, to design a variety of analytical and statistical reports, can support in grouping the report data, summation, etc. Also, it equipped with automatic connection of Excel function, output to various types of data to Excel.

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