Completion of the project cannot really achieve the goal of maintaining customer base. Only with the sustainable, stable and safe operation system can successfully meet business needs of clients. As being a professional full service provider of information technology in human resource management, Cityray has over 20 years of information technology experience in operation and maintenance services, using the ISO specifications for all sectors to provide professional maintenance services.

Maintenance services are affordable and can provide a full-service on a specific project, including: technical support, software upgrades, and many others which can be provided to you and enable you will benefit from the services. Maintenance period is a user who purchased the maintenance services at the same time will gain an annual free service period.

Maintenance Support

Should you need more details on our service products, please call our service hotline for consultation, thank you!

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Maintenance Service Process

Service work orders and service archive

The signed service work orders from Cityray customer will be as the basis for completion of the service. Service personnel of Cityray will use the results of service work orders as the form of service delivery, the service work order have a complete record of customer information, problem description of the phenomenon, clear thinking and accurate solutions to solve steps, service records, complete customer service delivery confirmation. After the service, it will be filing back into the company by service personnel, and all the results will be recorded to the service database, becoming customer service files.

Service quality and service monitoring

Cityray will through the customer satisfaction questionnaires, monitoring visits, etc., by hotline services and on-site service provided by Cityray so as to understand the problem and to deal with situations strict supervision, to ensure customer satisfaction and quality of service guarantee from Cityray.

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