Cityray founded in 1987, is a science and technology enterprise which specialized in development of human resources management system. In the past twenty years, Cityray committed in developing and researching different sectors of human resources management needs, and embodied in human resources management system.

Cityray bolstered with the high quality of systems and professional services rooted in the Hong Kong domestic market, to create a strategic advantage in order to have a further development in mainland China in 1996, leading domestic human resource management information technology and the rapid expansion of the sales and technical support network to China's major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Today, Cityray has more than 200 professional engineers and human resources business management consultants. In order to provide fast and robust human resources management information solutions, Cityray now has development teams located in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

Employee is the greatest asset of a company and a sound human resources management system is essential to the success of a company by enabling smooth operation. In a market environment where changes and volatility have become the norm, business owners of startups and large enterprises must look for ways to overcome the challenges arose from the ups and downs in market cycles. A well-equipped and advanced software for human resources management is key to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency, the two key factors that enterprises mostly focus on as to achieve sustainable growth.

As a leading enterprise specializing in the development of HRMS system and HR software in Hong Kong, Cityray proudly introduces its electronic human resources (EHR) system and payroll software to Hong Kong and China. Boasting a line-up of top notch products including its HR software and system, HR software systems , human resources information system (HRIS) and payroll system. Cityray makes sure that every aspect of your business is well taken care of by reducing time and cost on staff management.

Unparalleled benefits of Cityray’s HR management system

Scalable to accommodate different business types in various industries and different phrases of development of individual companies. Cityray’s HR management system can serve as a unified platform that breaks time and geographical constraints, especially for large-scale or mega enterprises whose business spans different continents and time zones. A unified platform enables a standardized business process management which is crucial to the success of big companies. They can benefit from enhancing work efficiency of the human resource department by saving time on routine work so that focus can be put on strategic planning and more complicated analytical work. It can also facilitate an informed decision-making process by providing important and accurate human resources data to senior management.

Designed to cater to the requirements of payroll systems in China and Hong Kong, Cityray’s HRIS payroll software does not only make payroll calculation easier and faster but also covers the entire cycle from staff recruitment and training to individual performance evaluation to career development.

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