Cityray has been awarded the achievement in the Caring Company 2014/15

Cityray is proud to announce that they have fulfilled the three criteria required by the Hong Kong Caring Company Scheme.

Caring for the community: Cityray provided volunteer service for Hong Kong Children and Youth Service (HKCYS). We sent out two employees to the center in Sheung Shui to teach new immigrant some basic computer knowledge such as emails and using search engine as well as internet security awareness. HKCYS appreciated our hard work and nominated Cityray for Hong Kong Caring Company 2014/15. Besides that, Cityray provided working opportunities for the youth with low qualifications. We also provided training session so they can benefit and gain some work experience. Having considered their background, we paid them HKD1000 for transportation and meal allowance. Also, we donated computers to HKCYS center, hope to benefit the low income group who do not have computers at home.

Caring of employees: Cityray’s internal policy cares for its employees. We encourage 5 days work and carry out birthday leave to maintain work life balance. We provide over time allowance, medical benefit and paid annual leave to ensure employee welfare. We set up a recreation room for staff entertainment as well as relaxation. We have a “wishing board” to let staff to write their request for facility. We provide magazines, books and a table-tennis table for entertaining purpose. Our staff love to play against each other during lunch time!

Caring of environment: In Cityray annual dinner, we avoided having shark’s fin, and was replaced by other seafood. We promote less carbon footprint by posting notes reminding employees to switch off lights and other electrical products. We distinguish recycle products by using different rubbish bin to promote environmental responsibility.