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Under these companies, there are even many more branches and subsidiaries established according to the market needs. Having experienced the market growth in China for many years, Electrolux really became one of the largest enterprises in China. Also, in its product positioning, Electronlex has always aimed at developing, manufacturing and marketing high-end products. Within this environment, it has benefited the enterprise in recruiting more talents for the industry. Meanwhile, it has also caused a greater demand for the HR management in sourcing and utilizing such resources. Because of this, Electrolux has always required a very high standard with regards to the aspects of HR management and a good standing in the industry.

In the beginning of entering the Chinese market, Electrolux chose a HR management software from overseas, which was perfectly suited for the fundmental rountine work of its HR department. That softwareactually performed quite well at the initial development stage. However, with the continual expansion and growth of market share and of the number of employees in Electrolux China, the old System began to show deficiencies from the demand of daily work. It could no longer help the HR department in retrieving more strategical data from the software. Therefore, the HR department of Electrolux was reluctantly pulled back to “the primitive stage” and mostly applied EXCEL and ACCESS for the data processing.

Starting from 2002, Electrolux China officially abandoned this old System. Thereby, a project committee was established and consisted of the IT manager for China region and the Salary & Benefits Manager in the HR department as two of the primary members. They began to look for a new HR software supplier. Having gained great experience from the old HR application system and from the specifications of their database system, the committee placed an equal weight both on the operational requriements and on the technical evaluation in examining their potential HR systems. From the IT technological perspective, Electrolux tried to find out not only the regular concerns of a system adminstrator, such as: type of backend database, type of development tool and the preparation of IT maintenance staff… but also the prime concerns as: the advancement of system framework, the accuracy of database structure, the capability to support multi-companies and multi-policies for a large enterprise, the security of database, the ability of the system supplier in implementation and consistent development, the stability and expandability of the system and etc…

Based on those, the operation department thoroughly considered all the requirements and examined many management criteria in company. Subsequently listed out 10 pages of requirements in details, including management issues concerning in company organizational structure, HR communication, employee development, salary & compensation, HR responsibility for every level of management staff, and reports print-out.

Having investigated the issues and specially pin-pointed to the aspects of system design and database structure, many local and oversea software suppliers fell short in the competition. Finally, Cityray was the only software supplier that could satisfy all the essential requirements of Electrolux. In order to proceed this project more cautiously, Cityray initiated to bring forward a real data communication trial test for all network environments of the companies in Electrolux China. At that time, the network of Electrolux China was not running in top performance,and the data communication of its ERP system was at peak during the time of testing. Therefore, Electrolux did not have a very high expectation from the results of the test. Unexpectedly after the test, all types of data domonstrated that the system was running smoothly. Once again, this favorable outcome enhanced the confidence of the project committee in Electrolux on Cityray’s competency. They concluded the project by the following comment – “During all the project proceedings, both the marketing and technical consultant staffs of Cityray have shown their professionalism and practicality in the aspects of HR management and computer networking. Because of this, we decide to partner with you.”

Of course, in a management system project – winning customer’s trust is one thing; bringing customer’s system to a success is another. From the practical situation of software market, many developers sense the HR software market potential. Although they do not possess such experience and knowledge in this field, numerous number of them enter the market merely for luck. Thus, there are many customer-traps existing in the market such as: the big difference between the system performance and the promises of the supplier; the instability of perfomance due to the deployment of some unproven system platforms; over-trusting the new theories from the HR books so that many high-level management workcannot be fulfilled by “decision making” in their management system and etc… This chaotic market situations continually jeopardize many customers’ interest.

The proper way in managing a project is to achieve the purposes and expectations of our customers in their system. On the one hand, customer has to clearly know what he really needs. On the other hand, it is more important to understand whether the supplier has the ability and competency to deploy the system. Cityray has gone through 18 years in the development of human resources software and successfully implemented HR systems for more than 850 clients who are mostly leaders throughout 10+ industries. For this, Cityray has accumulated a great deal of practical experience for the system implementation projects. Meanwhile, as early in the year 2000, Cityray became the first HR software developer in the industry to pass ISO9001:2000 for certifying the good quality of its products and services. Thus, during all customer services, the procedures in work flow can be strictly maintained in order to protect the customers’ benefits.

Before implementing the project, Cityray began to prepare a plan “Electrolux HR Management System Implementation Plan” for the customer in accordance with the practical situations of the project. Based on this plan, both parties confirmed all procedures in the flow of the implementation: “Project Commencement Meeting” – “Policy Meeting” – “Policy Confirmation Meeting” – “System Implementation Confirmation” – “ System Customization” – “System Installation” – “Operational Training for Users” – “System Testing and Fine Tuning” – “System Trail Run” – “System Trail Run OK” – “Company Actual Run”. At the same time, the IT Manager of Electrolux, who had been a project manager in a global enterprise for six years, completely organized all committee members in the project from every respective region in China.

As it turned out, with the strong customer support during implementation, Cityray consultants would be able to provide an immediate solution scheme to the customer. Of course, there were many amendments and improvements for both parties as the implementation went along, but they were all within the realm of Cityray’s expectation and control. For this, Electrolux has shown a great appreciation in the project and the Director of HR Deparment commented “my dream for years has come true”. From the IT Manager’s remarked “I have completely fulfilled my first commitment in Electrolux”. Having such prime standards for the project implementation, both parties had a very smooth cooperation and finally accomplished all the task within a period of slightly more than two months.

In this project, there also existed some distinctive characteristics differing from other clients. Amongst, the computer supervisors of Electrolux involved immensely with us in every step of the project. By so doing, the customer could be acknowledged well about the technical problems that might have appeared during the implementation of the new system. In addition, the prime concern of Electrolux was: to lay out a good foundation in better developing the database for the MIS system of the entire company in the future. As well, the customer could render double-supports to the HR system with the software supplier.

In this situation, Cityray HRplus was thoroughly checked with regard to the technical aspect by the experienced IT staff of Electrolux. On the other hand, the powerful function of Cityray software was also successfully satisfying the extensive requirements of the HR management: such as, Electrolux could choose at its convenience whether to print out the confidential pay-slip for the employees or to send out their payroll information by emails or e-payslips in the feature of employee-self-service through WEB. In order to solve the complexity of autopay systems for various regions in China, Cityray HRplus provided an easy access in generating autopay disks to comply with all of the respective banks. During the system implementation, an extra effort was also taken for the HRplus payroll module to interface with the remittance and other systems for the banks. Therefore, the workload of the HR staff in Electrolux could be greatly reduced.

We are very grateful that Cityray’s professional service has truly won many clients’ appreciation: After the system was fully implemented, the HR department of Electrolux took its initiative and recommended the Cityray HRplus highly to FESCO Beijing. Subsequently, in the FESCO’s selection process for its potential HR software supplier, Cityray has won the recognition of this biggest HR professional services organization again. This proves once more that Cityray is leading all the way in the market of HR management systems.