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BAX Global Limited is an international famous logistics transportation and supply chain management enterprise, one of Brinks cooperation of 500 worldwide enterprise, more than 500 branch organizations. In 1994, the first office is established in China. Also, she created delegation of Sole Proprietorship in several important cities as Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Sohu, Dalian, Ningbo, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. BAX Global Limited is devoted to provide high qualified of creation to global trading, multi-direction transportation and supply chain solution and want to be enterprise partner among worldwide famous international company. About 500 staffs in 10 offices in China provide full-service of professional logistics managements which include storage of keeping taxes, air & sea transportation and import & export forwarder, etc. Moreover, BAX Global Limited stands a leading situation.

With development of company, increasing of staff and structure of staff become complex, it is not working effective by using EXCEL to process data management and payroll calculation of staff. So, BAX Global Limited purchases “Cityray HRplus Human Resources management(Enterprise Version)” to integrate and manage her HR department through many authorizations. Now, system’s scope is cover three cities, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. According to five structures of HR which are parmenent, labour, temporary, trainer and oversea staff combined with contradistinction of staff’s grading. Cityray provides a perfect HR solution to BAX Global Limited during professional definition of HR system.

In the process of project implementation, Cityray’s engineers execute fulfilled plan based on working flow requested ISO9001 qualified system. To prove the accuracy of working process, we sign with customer after finish each step of project. All of data need to input once and can be query instantly. Database of personnel data become extensive after many confused data are renewal defined and contradistinction. Enquiring data in sheet of EXCEL, need to choose corresponding characters in the procedure and click a button to finish. More than 100 reports can be printed out by system standard formats, such as Headcount Analysis Report, Current Payroll Report and EXCEL Defined Payroll Report etc. User can use Defined Report Mode to create and edit the report to satisfy their needs independently. By the written integration of system program, calculation of everywhere social insurance (四金) benefit and exchange currencies such as US, HKD, Yan etc are auto calculate by system. It not only makes user use system convenient and reduces the errors when inputting data, but also raises accuracy of system and decreases the reduction of calculation result.

HRplus human resources management system operates normally for a period of time in BAX Global Limited, customers feel obvious the effective of payroll calculation and accuracy of data are increased from their responding. Also, it makes simple from rigmarole work. As powerful report functions can print data report easily and convenient, so working effective is increased sharply. Nevertheless, the situation of payroll calculation to work overtime is not happen again. Professional and passional working attitude of Cityray’s engineers give a deep impression to customers. Advanced technology and professional service are saying and doing by Cityray!