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As the human-oriented and standardizing management of the enterprise, as hoc in the field of the HRM, it requires more employees to dedicate for the daily HR events to cater the enterprise opening and transparent administration. By such means of management to improve the HRM efficiency and hence the passion to participate the organization culture development.

But, facing to the large numbers of the existing HRM software, not only the design principle but also the operation flow both can’t cater the real demands of the enterprise. Therefore, it causes the HRM stagnancy and opacity at the simple mode of the statistic, record and analysis of HR within the whole company. Thus, Cityray has been basing such marketing requirements to develop the ESS system to serve them. Moreover, the real world case of the FUJITSU represents this principle.

Customer Background
FUJITSU professionally engages at the network system equipment exploitation, design and manufacture, which already has 11 years history. The management spectrum covers the light transmission system, exchanger, IP network, mobile communication system, multi wireless network system, new products R&D, producing, sale, installation, post-sale services and user training.

The company investor consists of the FUJITSU Japan Corporation, FUJITSU China, Nissho Iwai Corporation, Nanking Cablecast Corporation, Suzhou New District Hi-tech Industrial Corporation, Jiangsu Telecom Industrial Corporation and Suzhou Cablecast Corporation. Total investment is over 7,570 million dollars; Register capital reaches 3,890 million dollars. Since establishment at 1994, it already provides the high-class network communication equipments for the Telecom, Mobile and Cablecast etc. Especially, it offers the optical router system for the value-added development of the Telecom. Recently, it has done the lot of grades in the field of wireless network telecommunication Customer Requirements

FUJITSU already has one set of HR system based on the company management flows including HR information, payroll calculation, attendance management, and performance appraisal etc. But it involves the large numbers of manual efforts and documentation information settling and delivering. As the enterprise development for the communication-oriented company, such HRM efficiency and deliver velocity can’t satisfy with the human-based and instant needs of the HRM. Ad hoc in the field of ESS is the blank. Due to the independence among the all modules and information singularity can’t construct the domino effect of the comprehensive and dynamic HR system management.

FUJITSU has two subsidiary companies locating in different geographic areas. The Headquarter needs to control the company information fully and betimes. But there is the geographic allocation obstacle. For every branch division, department and section, administer needs the macro-master.

Thus, employees wish to participate in the management to blend in the company culture and environment. So, they can get the instant, intuitionistic feedback about the personal work, attendance and payroll information to cast off the fussy applications of the leave, OT and evection in the manner of no paper-consumption.

HR department hopes to integrate the whole HR system with the different modules and multi-areas’ subsystem to get ride of the labor-consumption, paper-based examination to avoid the human factors. To improve the work efficiency to fractionize to all the departments that used to be achieved by the HR department to save labor resource and management cost. Customer Ultimate Choice

FUJITSU ultimately choices the Cityray, according to the plenty of marketing researches and products comparing, FUJITSU has ever observed a lot of software providers that can just cater the partial requirements, finally which leads to the rejection because they can’t fully integrate the entire FUJITSU management principle. After it took the long time to observe and evaluate about the product functions, implementation, exploitation ability, project management experience, development strategy etc, finally Cityray wins the FUJITSU trust. At the meantime, Cityray also formed the research and implementation workgroup involved the manager of the technology department, project engineers and assistants to cooperate with FUJITSU for two more months. During that period, Cityray organized several times project review meetings to overcome the problems in the course of the project implementation to realize the customer’s requirements, which incarnates the professional standards and the implementation principle of the “Person-focused, Customer-oriented”. Real Case Analysis

Based on the analysis of the FUJITSU former system, it has the independent system frameworks, which consist of HR Information, Attendance Data, and Personal Profile recorded by the EXCEL sheets, or printed out as the file archives. Payroll Calculation is achieved by the ACCESS database. Training function is implemented by the VFP as the planning, budget and implementation. Performance Appraisal is done by the manual. For the small-scale enterprise, such system structure may satisfy with the whole needs of HR management. But for the large-scale enterprise, ad hoc in the unification of the data administration, the great deal of the quantity of the personal information is distributed along the dispersive system, in the macroscopical point of view, the data is isolated, interrupted and leaped. In the microcosmic point of view, in order to get several data needs across the different systems, also can’t be done simultaneously. It takes more time-consumption to exchange the different data fields. Also there exists the lag as the exchanging among the distinct branches.

The system integration will combine all the modules. User need to log in the system according to the relative user privilege. The system data is restored on the database server as one data collection to void the data separation and disorder. Users can get the same information on the unique data collection to void the data warp. Within the system, it can achieve to get the multi-data. As exchanging the system data among the distinct systems, HRplus can automatically transfer the data among the modules in the way of passing references to ensure the data accuracy. It is convenient for the top-level administrators perform the macro- control to get the data sourcing from the distinct branches.

The trends of the current technology development are the system integration. The basic demands are to involve more and more information within the infinitesimal area especially for the technique-involved products. Thus, the system integration of the Cityray just caters for these advantages. The Enhancement of Communication Quality

FUJITSU expects to have an expedited information communication channel; HR info can be passed from Top management down to normal employee punctually and effectively. Even in different places, different companies, people can communication with each other in time. Nevertheless, it is impossible to achieve via the old system, enormous handwork will maximally reduce the speed and quality of communication. In order to enhance the efficiency of in formation communication, the best way is to start from the root problem of HRM system, devise and implement the human-based and automatic system, intelligent and comprehensive.

Based on a tremendous database, HRplus system has a great advantage, which is user will get latest information when they sign in. Due to the connection with database, users in different places will identical information. For non-HR management, they can acquire info within their own department via ESS (Employee Self-help System). For employees, they also can get their own info (salary, etc,) via ESS. The flow of information is fairly clear and visible. It is not hard to see the differences before and after using HRplus, especially in terms of transparency and punctuality of in formation communication. In such an information-extensive world today, Cityray, who successfully achieved and satisfied the users’ needs. HRplus serves as if an index card in a national library, providing convenience for all the readers.

The Top-Down Macro-control and Down-up Management Participation
The almost former company HRM has been settling in the Top-down management manner, so the subordinates have to obedience the management environment. As the enterprise management mode changing, enterprise needs to setup the tailor-defined civilization and work environment. But in the real world, almost of enterprises can span the above mentioned limitation because of lacking the suitable system to fit. Due to such weakness, Cityray bases human-oriented management to develop the B/S system ESS Employee Self-help System) that provides the B/S method for almost employees to participate the HRM by using the Explorer. Also, the higher-up can be aware of the HR situation of the distinct departments. As blurring the border between the management running, the management theorem and environment are created, which realizes the openness and transparency of the decision-making to invite the ordinary employees to participate the enterprise management.

Examination Flow Automation
Brightness of the real case – ESS, which is not only the isolated ESS module but also combine the C/S and B/S perfectly to keep the data consistent between the ESS and HRplus. ESS also achieves the on-line, no paper-consumption examination flow that can’t be realized in the HRplus.

Most of companies bases on the full manual operation: employee filling the leave application -> submitting to the supervisor -> submitting to the HR for statistic after examination. So, it determines the lower flow efficiency. The employee is difficult to know the feedback as the application was validated. By making the call or opting oral communication, the employee just can know the application situation. For HR department, they need to settle lots of application to do the statistic, which increases the workload of the HR department.

ESS focuses on the examination flow automation. In ESS, employee can apply for the leave, OT, evection on-line, then foreword to the relevant examination flow. In another word, the examination steps and manner can be user-defined. As submitting the application, employee will have the idea of the examination situation, also can cancel or modify the application. When this application is processed in the flow, examiner will receive the Email reminder, also can see the application. Examiner bases on the situation to confirm or reject the application. Also, ESS provides loan and hotel, air ticket reservation etc. When the entire examiner admits the application, HR department will receive the data immediately. HR department collects those data from ESS to post them to the HRplus in schedule by using this information to perform the payroll calculation and performance appraisal etc.

This flow definition can get ride of the labor-consuming to achieve the no paper-consumption level to save the management and human resource cost to realize the maximum benefits.

Project Effect Appraisal
According to the feature of the information consistent between the main company and branches, FUJITSU realizes the “Network-focus, Human-oriented, and Betimes”, district management and centralization.

Based on the foundation of the standard vision of the “HRplus9 & ESS”, focusing on the FUJITSU flow management and individuation model, Cityray opts the tailor-making secondary development to cater the customer requirements in the rush and on time adjusting.

Providing the successful business platform for all the FUJITSU branches and offices to input the daily attendance records, training and performance data etc to the system, it will automatically generate/manipulate HR statistic reports. The administrant basing on the personal privilege can acquaint the human resource distribution and talent situation frequently and explore the data which provide by the system, which will provide the accurate and betimes support for the decision-making. After several years’ development, there isn’t problem for FUJITSU in the field of the basic HRM, thus the enhancement of the organizational culture becomes the emphasis. To reduce the HRM cost and improve the management efficiency turns to be the significant resource of enhancing the enterprise benefits.

ESS bases on the B/S operation mode. FUJITSU’s headquarter don’t need the signal expensive data processing center. Branches needn’t install the special client software using the Explorer to realize all the functions. Data processing is completed and restored in the data center. High standard security, easy to operate and lower maintenance cost. Depending on the marketing opportunity and company strength, FUJITSU rapidly becomes the well-known enterprise with the sense and concrete matters. For the future cooperation, we believe there is the intercommunication at the system optimization and organization culture between Cityray and FUJITSU. We will make great efforts to create the operational optimal foundation for the step into the E-age of the FUJITSU HRM.