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Cityray Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd., as a professional human resource management system vendor, providing JohnsonDiversey its human resources flagship product - HRplus. With Cityray HRplus, the human resource department completed all of its tasks on time efficiently, fulfilled one of the strategical targets of the company’s development. Relying on HRplus, the human resources department of JohnsonDiversey could finish all of its jobs with only limited staffs and could draw up all the statistical report accurately. Moreover, the flexibility of HRplus enables to set up functions automatically, it can print out reports related to financial needs or analyse complicated reports. With HRplus, the human resource department apparently reduced the problem of repeated task and low efficiency work. In the past, salary advice have to be prepared manually, by now, HRplus can generate salary advice and keep confidential, staffs are able to receive salary promptly. Besides that, privacy and confidentially can be ensured and therefore achieved a win-win situation which is the quality of the company and the satisfaction of the staff. As the faster growing of JohnsonDiversey, Cityray will persist its objective, which is continue to improve our services, to increase the quality of our services, and to provide comprehensive, effective, high quality products and services to our customers on time, in order to assist the enterprises for their improvement and development!