Social Service in HYCYS

The certificate of commendation from Hong Kong Children and Youth Service (HKCYS) has been presented to Cityray for fulfilling the volunteer service and  actively embracing the corporate social responsibility. 

In this volunteer service, we play the role on teaching some basic knowledge about computer usage to low-educational housewives such as registration of Facebook, sending out E-mail, using Google searching engine and so on. At the same time, related security problems have also been mentioned at the lesson. We believe it is a way to enhance the sense of housewives on avoiding the growing of cyber-crime activities and guiding their children to be a good net user. Consequently, a better internet environment can be created for people to explore various useful information and news through the sense of internet security.

We are glad to cooperate with the staff of HKCYS on conducting this meaningful volunteer works. Thank you to the staff of HYCYS for their kindly supports on organization this volunteer works, and then we can demonstrate our professional knowledge to those people in needs.

In the future, Cityray would like to bear more social responsibilities for making more positive feedback to our society. As our belief, the corporate responsibility cannot only be interpreted as increasing benefits to the stakeholders of the enterprise, but also need to consider social development. We hope that you can be with us on contributing to our social together or using our products if you support our belief.